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'The discipline is to turn away from the world's appearances constantly; the reward is heaven here on earth' Mike Spirit Ademola (MSA).

The rise in consciousness — this is the real secret. Paul F Gorman

You did not find yourself on this website by chance. It is your Aliveness Spirit's very presence that you are that sought you out after so many lifetimes in the earthly wilderness.
You have been seeking fulfillment, joy, happiness, and success in the world. But the irony of it is that the very being you are, the one aware and reading this message, is the actual fulfillment you seek everywhere in the world.

In other words, all good things you once sought are the very presence that you are this minute.

Spirit Home is the truth of every one of us and is forever beckoning us to return home to Spirit.
Now that you are Here at Home, your search is over.

The story of humanity is that of the prodigal son, as reported in the Holy Bible. He went astray, disobeying his father's commands. After realizing his evil ways, wretched and poor, he finally returns home to his father’s embrace and all his wrongdoings forgiven.
Just like that, every one of us has gone astray from the path of God, totally forgetting the truth of our being and our oneness individually and uniquely with Father Love.

As stated in the Bible, it is the Father’s delight to give us the Kingdom, to reveal the ever-present Truth and Goodness in front of us this minute.

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” Luke12:32.

Spirit made the clarion call, Consciousness, at the moment of birth for us to return Home.
Delay no further. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (is here), but men (belief) cannot see it. Leave the physical material world alone and turn to Spirit for Spirit alone and as Spirit.

Spirit, God, I, Consciousness, Presence, Oneness, and Omnipresence are synonyms.

The Supreme Being we are talking about here on this website is not like being used in the mediumship or psychic arena. The Supreme Oneness is not like any other.
You may call the One reality, God, Christ, Buddha, Presence, Father, Mother, Unknown or Unnameable.

They or It is the only reality, presence, life, forms, world, and universe.
This Eternal Light is One, Indivisible, Indissoluble Oneness. Omnipresence, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Eternal Presence. There is none but Him.

'The Only Presence Is God' is the work of helping all of us realize that all these while we have been seeking amiss as we recognize matters, finiteness, and objectivity in our world. God's Presence is the reality and the only entity being all of our universes.

As Brother Lawrence said, the practice of the Presence of God should be our daily thoughts and activities so that God becomes as tangible as everything and everyone in our world. It is only by living in the very presence of God that true freedom, love, abundance, and true fulfillment is made available to our senses as daily life experience.

You are welcome to explore truth messages here and ultimately rest within your consciousness where all Truth Is.

The Inner Sanctuary section is the place of personal renewal and healing. And feel free to use Inner Sanctuary Place for all private spiritual requests.

With our love and blessings to all.

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