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Here is one of the most listened-to videos on our YouTube Channel Your Miracle Self. This is a taste of what awakening to true spiritual awareness is. It is only in the proportion that we rise in spiritual consciousness are we able to witness the tangible good of God right here on earth.

Please visit our Channel for more videos of the wisdom of the ages from Marie S Watts, Herb Fitch, Lillian de Waters, and mystic teacher Paul F. Gorman of Miracle Self.

Only the Presence Is Present - Herb Fitch

Feature Video From Our Channel

The Only Healing Message!

This New particular Healing Experience Class by Paul F. Gorman is an experiential spiritual message that will guide you to what healing is and how to experience true spiritual healing.

Be ready to be free of the seeming problems of mind, body, business, and all categories of the human world experience.

This is the introductory and preparatory class. This Class is thirteen parts in total.
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These classes are detailed with Spiritual Meditation and Guided Silence with the teacher towards experiencing immediate freedom from whatever troubles you.

Only when the false sense of the personal self is rid of through the Grace of Spiritual Silence that the Light of Truth dawns in consciousness to reveal Oneness as the very being we all are.

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