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Paul F. Gorman

The message and healing practice of The Miracle Self is impersonal and universal. The “faucet” of it, Paul F. Gorman, can hear the message and witness the miracles of healing and freedom of being for others only because, by a grain, he has managed to free himself of personal sense and live an impersonal life devoted to God alone.

At age 18, Paul was drawn to his first “spiritual” teaching, a popular metaphysical book. That tiny spark of light began a twenty-year journey of gradual and then painful awakening, the last seven years of which were, pretty much, a journey through hell—an ever-increasing dissatisfaction with the world and the human being, more extended and more challenging periods of lack, and finally disease ravaged his experience.

About 1980, he came across the book Consciousness Unfolding by Joel S. Goldsmith. Fascinated but unable to grasp its profound truth, Paul read it, gleaned what he could, then put it on the bookshelf, where it remained for the next eight years. Then one day, “something” pushed him to reach for it, dust it off, and reread it. Suddenly, the truth began to open and become “real” for Paul.

That was the beginning of seven years of hell. As consciousness opened and rose and material ties persisted, life became even more of a struggle, ever more painful and impossible to deal with. “Fear ravaged me. I went to sleep each night shaking with fear, yet finally feeling a little relief from the world, then woke up each morning shaking with the fear of having to survive another day somehow.”

Life gradually blossomed as Paul quietly and “secretly” lived in truth among the world and the fruits of success. Then, years later, early in 2008, Paul woke up one Sunday morning with the urge to write down a message that was pushing to get through. The message didn’t stop.

Excerpts from his writing:


If God, spirit, is One, and good alone; and if everything everywhere IS that One, where is it my one visible, tangible good?
Where is the good that spirit is? Why does it seem absent or lacking from my experience?

Even though I have earnestly studied, pondered, meditated, kept my mind "on Spirit," and even prayed for weeks, months, or years, is my good still not apparent?
The answer - and the method - is quick, sharp, and powerful.

Think: Spirit is One. Spirit is the Oneness Itself. Yet Spirit is invisible to the mind.
And there is the answer:

YOU ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR GOOD IN THE VISIBLE rather than realizing, and resting in, the Truth - the actuality - that the ONLY PRESENCE, the ONLY HEALTH, the ONLY WEALTH, the ONLY SUCCESS, HOME and ATTAINMENT, the ONLY LOVE, PARTNER and FRIEND is the ONENESS that is invisible to the mind.

And yet, the miracle is that AS you realize and rest in the "invisible" Oneness, the dense fogginess of the mind clears to reveal a more significant measure of the all-good that is present everywhere AS you, within you, and all about you... as far as the eye can see, the mind can think, and the experience can experience.

It is revealed to be everything, everywhere, in boundless perfection, life, and abundance. It is - literally and tangibly - right here, "in the air," and as everything everywhere, the mind sees and names "physical, material, and tangible."

The ONLY "physical, material, and tangible" is the Oneness; Spirit. Why? There is no other. Oneness cannot be twoness, only One.

This is very well and good, but how do you and I, tangibly and reliably EXPERIENCE our all-good and perfection EACH DAY, without exception, without delay, without disappointment... so much so that we never have a health problem that worries us or that we are still battling... a money problem that still embarrasses us and that we are still struggling with each month… a fray with success... a constraint to the style, size and location of home we honestly would like and that would provide us with much happier, more peaceful and more enjoyable family life... the vocation and life purpose that would be a reasonable and exhilarating satisfaction?

The solution that reveals the fullness of good here and now and every day is to snap ourselves out of the human mind's mesmeric sense.

The mesmeric sense is this entire realm of appearing materiality, physicality, and tangibility - the appearing world of body, thing, condition, and place. It is an illusion, just as the world on the movie screen is an illusion. Not one person, thing, state, or place pictured on the movie screen is real. It is ALL nothing but LIGHT beaming forth from the projector, through the images on the film, to the screen. Get up close to the screen, and all you find are light images.

Luckily, we know that truth and do not find ourselves believing that the 2D screen images are real. We do not try to interact with them, earn them, sell them, buy them, visit them, desire them, create success with them, love them, live in them, attain them, and gain our satisfaction.

Can you imagine a person attempting such feats "down there" on the movie screen in a confused state of mind? It would be ludicrous.


All of "this world" is nothing but Spirit, Light, Consciousness, God, the Infinite Invisible Oneness (use whichever synonym best clicks with you). When you stop looking from the "outside" of all these seeming physical and material, objectified appearances and you look closer - with a "spiritual microscope" - all you find is Spirit, Life, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Light, Awareness, Abundance... the Oneness that is the REAL everything everywhere.

"My kingdom is not of this world." The great spiritual Master did not mean, as is traditionally thought, that there are TWO worlds, one called "this world" and another called "heaven." No, no. All is One, not two. And "All" means what it says... ALL is One; ALL is THE Oneness.

There is not as little as one grain of sand or blade of grass, nor as much as the most significant ocean or highest mountain that is not "included" in the word "All." ALL is THE ONENESS. There is NOTHING else. Heaven and earth are One place, One state, One existence, One Allness HERE AND NOW.

Yet the mind sees the One Allness "darkly" or "foggily."

Also, there is no "more" Spirit in "infinity" than there is in a single grain of sand, a single pound or dollar, the air in the palm of your hand, and the "space" right in front of you and all around you.

The WHOLE of Infinity, and everything in It, exists tangibly, fully manifested, at every point in the universe at the same time. What looks to you and me as the vastness of space is no "more" space than that which occupies, and appears as, the tiniest grain of sand. The WHOLE of Infinity, and everything It is, is "contained" in that little grain.

The Master explained the secret as, "My father and I are one." That simple six-word sentence of the Master’s reveals the entire mystery of an eternal, immediate, eternal, and perfect life, love, success, and prosperity for every person on this planet:

I (this material-seeming body and world, and everything everywhere in it) and my father (Heaven, Spirit, All-Perfection) are ONE.

Now, let’s go back to the beginning. This Oneness that is the ONLY presence is SPIRIT, which is INVISIBLE to the five senses of the mind.

Yet everything everywhere in our sensed world appears to be VISIBLE. So, what is the REAL WORLD, the REAL SUBSTANCE, the REAL FORM, the REAL BODY, the REAL OBJECT, the REAL PLACE?

It is NOT what appears visible, but the INVISIBLE Oneness.

But "invisible" does NOT mean that this infinite Allness of good and perfection is not present, "right here," as tangible and manifested as possible. It simply means that It, Itself, in Its Pureness, is not visible to the senses of the mind… just the SENSES of the mind… just as, with a bit of poetic license, the light beaming images onto the movie screen is not "visible" to the senses of the mind.

The mind does not sense the majority of this universe. It is all a matter of FREQUENCIES. The mind can sense specific frequency ranges but not others (the majority). But that does not mean the others are not just as tangibly present.

For instance, the human mind cannot sense the high pitch of the dog whistle. But dogs can. The mind cannot sense specific light frequencies, for instance, those used by remote control devices, but the devices themselves and the equipment they control obviously can. The mind cannot sense all the radio, television, mobile phone, and internet signals flying everywhere throughout the air, yet they are all around you this minute!

I still stop in amazement when I think how I can email words, photographs, audio, and video images from my PC to yours, over a wireless network. Yet I, and you, never see any of these images flying through the air between us.

Actual, clearly visible words, audios, and videos I send you, and you send me, "arrive" invisibly at our PCs, are "converted" into a visible realm the mind can detect, and are then what we call "experienced."

We could say they are then "demonstrated" or "manifested." Nothing has been "demonstrated" or "manifested" but simply CONVERTED into visible-to-the-mind frequency. They are no less present when invisible to the mind than when they are visible.

The PCs see all this "invisibility" fine, but your mind and mine are not. Clever. And it’s all just to do with differing FREQUENCIES... frequencies below or above that the mind can detect.

But ALL is ONE. The invisible word, audio, or video does not "manifest" from "nothing"; the One present and tangible form BECOMES or CONVERTS TO a visible frequency from an invisible frequency.

But remember, it is not TRULY invisible; it is only invisible to the mind. It is all around here, but the mind cannot see it. So what? What’s the big deal? What’s all the worry and fear about?

Do you feel fear when I say I’ll call you on your cell phone, and yet you cannot "see" my voice "in the air"? Why do you feel fear when you cannot see your health, wealth, love, home, or success "in the air." It is ALL right here where you are, as You, in Its infinite and perfect fullness, and BECOMES the frequencies you can detect WHEN YOU KNOW THIS AND THEN BECOME STILL, SILENT RECEPTIVE TO IT.

It is JUST like the light beaming through the film from the projector, BECOMING images, sounds, and movements you and I can detect on the screen. Luckily the FILM does not interfere with the process. It does not fear and therefore obscure, frustrate, or distort the easy, natural flow of the light beaming through it to the screen.

If it DID, there would be a limited, extremely fractional "amount" of light on the screen resulting in the APPEARANCE of "lack, limitation, discord and disease" of the imagery. There is no lack or limitation of anything, at any time, at any place, but there APPEARS to be.

Because the film does NOT interfere in any way but "knows" that LETTING the LIGHT pour through it without "my self being a co-director or assistant," or even worse, "trying to run the whole show," all appear on the screen freely, and entirely, naturally and easily.

Let’s see the great secret revealed by another Master: "Stand still, and see the lord's salvation." As stated in modern vernacular, "Still the mind, make it completely silent, and you will see the dissolving of what appears as problems - whether of health, wealth, or happiness (which is ONLY the obscuring of the Light, not reality) - and the revealing of all health, wealth and happiness."

Another: "The battle is not yours, but God’s." The discordant appearances and experiences we have thought of as conditions WE have to remedy or heal are not ours to do anything with BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TRULY WHAT IS PRESENT. The ONLY presence is Spirit, the infinite good and perfection of All, invisible to the mind, yet CONVERTED through the mind as the perfect tangible body, things, conditions, and places of the 3D imagery that is "this world" - the movie screen of life.

The "battle" (the "process") is not yours (the mind’s) but Spirit’s. In your stillness, the Spirit You pour through, clearing the fog of the mind to reveal Wholeness.

And another: "Be still, and know that I am God… I will be exalted in the earth." Webster’s Dictionary describes "exalted" as "an excessively intensified state of well-being… an increase in degree or intensity".

Yes, the presence of the One Isness... Omnipresence Itself... the Only Presence... the Only Form... the Only substance... the One Light... the One Spirit of Allness... is excessively intensified, increased in degree or brightness "in" and "out through" the mind AS WE QUIET THE ACTIVITY OF THINKING and LET IT pour through without "my self being a co-director or assistant" or worse, "trying to run the whole show."

Be still... be the Silent Self... and KNOW that All Presence all around you, AS you, and as your entire world is Good, Perfection, Life, Abundance, limitless Success and overflowing Joy of All... and then simply WITNESS It "exalted in the earth"... as an intensified state of well-being, like all tangible good experience right here in the material (earth) realm of mind awareness.

You are the Oneness Itself. Your entire world of body, things, and affairs is the Oneness Itself, for there is none other. That means you are the INVISIBLE You, and this whole world and everything in it is the INVISIBLE World, made visible automatically by the STILLNESS and SILENCE OF MIND - just like the words, audios, and videos I email, you are the INVISIBLE made visible automatically by the PC equipment that is "still and silent" towards the process.

THIS IS THE GREAT SECRET OF HEALING of any and every nature. BE the Stillness Itself... BE the Silent Self... knowing that All is present right here... the WHOLE Infinitude of Good!!!... and that IN YOUR STILLNESS, SILENCE, and RECEPTIVITY that One Wholeness "pours through" the mind and AUTOMATICALLY appears as all VISIBLE, TANGIBLE good and perfection.

Do not concern yourself with the "how" of it, any more than the PC or the reel of the film concerns itself with the "how" of it. Just relax and trust it. Be still, and know, and LET. Let ALL happen as, and within, your complete silence. That - the Silence - is where, and when, the miracles of life happen, and FROM where they appear visibly in the "outer" scene.

Your concern… your "secret"... is Oneness to Oneness, Spirit to Spirit, Invisible to Invisible... NOT Oneness to twoness... Spirit to materiality… Invisible to visible.
Do you see?

The Oneness is ALL you ARE, and ALL everything everywhere in the world IS, so to deal with the mind-imagined "twoness" of "materiality" or "things" or "conditions" is the ONLY REASON this whole spiritual journey seems to bear such little fruit for you, or to be so difficult, or to be so long in showing forth tangibly.

If you are still attempting to "demonstrate" the spiritual health and riches VISIBLY, you are dealing with an imagined "twoness," which is why it fails. You and your entire world are NOTHING BUT SPIRIT; therefore, you cannot "demonstrate" - which means BE - anything DIFFERENT than Spirit.

You must do all your drawing forth AS SPIRIT, to SPIRIT, rather than attempting to "go to" Spirit and have It somehow fulfill your SENSE of a "second" world of objectified needs called material, physical and tangible (earth).
The ONLY material, physical and tangible, is SPIRIT because Spirit is the ONLY, and that is invisible to the mind-sense.

The very moment you wake up and realize your Oneness of All, Spirit to Spirit, you will not care what kind or nature of "outer" images present themselves to you, whether those images are of bodily illness or disease or lack of money or success, or a limitation or discord in your relationships or business or career or home, you will care ONLY for Spirit to Spirit, Invisible to Invisible, Light to Light, Silence to Silence.

Then, in your stillness and silence, you will witness all good life and abundance appear automatically in the "outer" imagery of "this world," just as the film catches all its images on the "outer" imagery of the theater screen.

The method of it is this:

Learn to do absolutely nothing about the "outer" world of you, from your innermost body to your farthest-reaching thought and estate. Ignore the physical and material as it appears altogether. Do not "think" thoughts. Do not try to "know" any Truth at all. Do not keep anything of the "outer" in your mind. All mind activity obscures the One Infinite Presence rather than allows It to be revealed.

Be still and open yourself, by being silent, to the all-presence of the Infinite Good You are, and that your whole body and world Is. Be Silent and receptive to your silent withinness. That silent withinness IS the Infinity of Good Itself, forever BEING the fullness of You that It Is.

Simply be still and BATHE in Its glory. Feel the Peace of It HAPPENING within you. That Peace IS your demonstration… Invisible to Invisible, Spirit to Spirit. That is the Invisible You living - tangibly experiencing - the Invisible Health, Love, and Riches You are, and that You always fully HAVE here and now.

Be concerned ONLY with that Invisible to Invisible HAPPENING. Be satisfied - in fact ecstatically joyed - ONLY by THAT Invisible to Invisible HAPPENING within... the sitting in the Invisible Silence, BEING the Invisible Silence, the Invisible Peace, the Invisible Joy, the Invisible Bliss, the Invisible Warmth, the Invisible Glowing within, the flooding of the Blissful Spirit that is your overflowing Goodness here and now, forever present, forever bursting into a tangible expression within, the moment "you" - your mind - is still, silent and receptive to the indescribable "invisible" Allness of Love and utter Wholeness of Perfection and Abundance that You are.

Then, you automatically witness the CONVERSION of the Invisible Good and Perfection to what the MIND calls VISIBLE good and perfection.
But do NOT get up from your Invisible Silent Self and immediately go looking for It to appear in your mind-world of visibility! That is the surest way ever devised to obscure the appearance of the All-Good you’ve just witnessed within.

It seems ironic to the mind because the mind is desperate to "see" everything it thinks it needs or desires. You are desperate to "see" the photographs, audios, and videos "in the air" before they appear automatically on your computer. LET it all "happen" WITHOUT the mind interfering.

Stay, in awareness, in the Invisible - that You truly Are.

Start in the Invisible, be silent in the Invisible, and let ALL your satisfaction of "demonstration" occur in the Invisible. Most importantly, as you go about your physical, material day, KEEP your ATTENTION on and in the Invisible by realizing that all of "this world" appearing IS NOTHING BUT the Invisible appearing "automatically" through the mind AS material, physical 3D imagery.

Now let "more" of the Invisible "through" your still and silent mind. Let the Infinitude of Life and Abundance be "exalted" in the “earth,” that is, the material, physical sense.

How? By keeping your awareness NOT focused, or "attached," to the physical world of body, things, activities, conditions, and places, but the Invisible Real Form everywhere present, AND by devoting at least two, three, or four hours in every twenty-four to BEING the Silence Itself.

That’s the secret.

That is where the Oneness Is. That is what and where your all Good and Perfect Wholeness is. That is what and where your Real Self and Real World Are. And that is where and how it is witnessed tangibly for, and as, YOU and your limitless Completeness, here, now, and forever.

For more information, please visit:
The Miracle Self

Lillian DeWaters

Lillian DeWaters was a prolific writer of The Absolute during the first half of the 20th century.

“She was a disciple of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. Lillian broke away from Christian Science and became a well-known author. She wrote over 60 different books that were translated into 14 other languages. She was renowned as a healer and as a Christian Science Practitioner. Lillian was famous for her teachings at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, where she had many students and clients.

Her first books were first published through the Christian Science organization. She went out on her own, forming her own publishing house, and went beyond the limits of the “religious dogma” which sometimes inhabits organizations and inhibits the Teaching.”

Excerpt from her website:

Lillian DeWaters

Dear Reader, are you hungry for the true bread of Life? Then are you willing to give up the belief that you are separated in some way from the source of this Heavenly manna-the Real man who is, in very truth, your Self?
Why remain longer in the belief that you sojourn in a far country where your daily fare is the husks of lack, loss, and limitation? You are not of that world, for “Ye are children of the Light.”

You are not on a physical plane; you are not in a fleshly body; you have no human form; you are not subject to artificial laws or beliefs.

You are of the eternal Substance. The Mind you have is that Mind which was also in Christ Jesus. Your only body is the body of light. Your very being is the radiant I-Am-Self.

But if you believe otherwise and feel that you are living in and depending upon a material world of time and place, life and death, good and evil, then to you, it appears so: and your ever-existent good, though never actually separated from you, is nevertheless hidden from your sense and sight; for where your state of awareness is, there also will be your experience.

In that mental journey-which is the belief of being in a far country, back to the recognition that we have never been absent from the Father’s house-many steps are to be taken. Thinking about health, wealth, and success, even under a false impression that this may be done with a personal human mind, has been one of these steps, without a doubt. But now the night-mists are lifting, and the new Day dawns more clearly.

Any method of thinking, apart from the conscious knowledge of possessing now the Christ Mind, to which “all things are possible,” cannot deliver the complete peace of God, nor the true, as well as lasting satisfaction to be found in the Master’s statement, “I AM the Way: I AM the Truth: I AM the Life.”

Transcending and overarching the general belief that while one’s mind is human, he must still think divinely with it, there comes a higher concept and more profound insight, which is that we should give no heed to a belief that our mind is “human,” but on the contrary, we should take the position that our mind is Divine, and thus. Naturally, we think divinely with it. Such right vision and divine insight will surely bring us to the Horeb-height-that mountain of God where we behold and know Him as the I AM

As we rise to the position that there is but ONE God, and hence but ONE Mind, we see there is not, and never could truly be, a so-called human mind or mentality; moreover, it is not by spiritually educating a fictitious human mind that we come into the Divine, but quite the contrary is true-whoever shall lose his belief in a mind other than the one God-Mind shall find this same Mind to be his own.

Instead of a separate human mind, it was a selfish belief, which prompted the Son, in Jesus’ parable, to desire to leave his Father’s house. And, later, the feeling of tender, yearning love in his heart brought him the awareness of his eternal unity, or oneness with the Father, and hence, with the original Perfect man he was. And, dear Reader, this same true awareness will likewise bring us back.

All thoughts of genuine value to man in this world have come to him through inspirational or intuitive knowing and feeling, the natural activity of the one perfect Mind within us all.

Spiritual illumination and inspiration come when we gladly surrender and shut out everything of self, and the world, so that we may hear God’s voice. The heavenly promise is then renewed and fulfilled-” I will instruct and teach thee in the way thou shalt go.”

The truth of Being does not come to man to destroy any evil anywhere, but it comes to him that had caught a glimpse of it. He may hunger and thirst for his authentic Self, the radiant I AM. Hear, 0 my people everywhere! The hidden, inner man of the heart is none other than yourself! Moreover, it is your perfection right now. Indeed, this perception is the “well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

The Absolute teaching is not an abstract philosophy, nor some impossible and impractical transcendentalism, as often supposed but delivers the accurate and intelligent understanding that one should give no heed to a self-imposed human mind but instead, identify himself with his authentic Self in, which is vested all-victorious power.

To you who are ready to leave a far country, I come. “No man cometh unto the Father but by Me,” his true Self, the Christ of God. This authentic Self, the perfect Man, is your actual Being -you, as you are, and is found as you turn in total surrender of a self-imposed mind and resultant thoughts to God.

You are not a mortal man; instead, you are ever one with Light, Love, and Power. Hence what will it profit you though you gain the homage of all men, and fulfill all your human desires, if you still have unrest and yearn for peace? So perceiving that “I, of mine own self, can do nothing,” the awakening process has begun.

Where is the Real man about whom so much has been written and taught? Where does he live? How is he related to you who are here, now? He is not located off in space, somewhere, or in some other place or world, for he is to be found precisely at that place where you are this very instant. Thinking of the Real man as afar off, or on another plane of consciousness, veils your vision to the supreme fact that he, the real man, is you, just where you are. Until man comes to himself, identified with his original perfect state as perpetually existing and intact now, how can he ever expect deliverance from a sleeping state called “mortality” and all that it includes?

Therefore “Cease ye from a man whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of?” Isaiah had discovered this essential step to take, and so should we all. Nor did Jesus concern himself with the right and the wrong thoughts of mortals, or men in dreams, but knowing himself to be the real man, and likewise they as well, he spoke from this understanding of Reality, and all things were revealed be as he commanded.

Can anyone but yourself let go of your false belief? Can anyone but yourself rise out of your self-deception? Jesus came to you and me to show us a way out of such a dilemma of human existence. He penetrated its enigma by revealing the fact of our pre-existent Christ-estate of Mind and body. Thus he demonstrated that man need no longer be victimized by selfish beliefs but may rise and come forth from death to life, from being lost to being found again.

But to do this, he must come to himself-he must come to see who and what he is.

Can there be darkness when light is present? Or can one sleep while he is awake? Then, it is no longer possible for mental darkness or a dream of sin, sickness, and limitation to reign in our sense and thought when the light of our Divinity breaks in upon us and abides. You are never actually in a dream, no matter how long you may be thinking you are. The man you think you are in a dream typifies the unreal mortal man, and the man awake typifies the pre-existent real state- the original Perfect man. Whether you are awake or asleep, whether you are aware or unaware of it, you are ever the same man, namely, God’s Spiritual, perfect man: there is none other.

The source of a problem is incorrectly placed or not traced back far enough when it is said to originate in false thinking; for where and in whom did such review begin?

Sin and ignorance, which are generally supposed to cause sickness and limitation, are, after all, but dreams of the man who went to sleep or who did not remain consciously aware of the truth of his being. And it is this very man who must now lay hold of his ever-existing real state and so prove the nothingness of such sleep. Can you see this spectacular fact, now, for yourself? There could be no sin without a sinner, no belief without a believer, no sleep without a sleeper, and no claim without a claimant. That was an utter impossibility. So until man surrenders an illusion, knowing it to be such, how can he possibly be liberated from it?

The Way lies within yourself. You must become aware of your preexistent Self as the Self you manifested before going into a false state. Then the light of your Divinity will surely awaken you to behold the futility of ever attempting to makeover a dream and yet leave man asleep!

This clearer and fuller understanding of man will make new demands. The requirement facing each of us today is that we relinquish absolutely the foolish notion that our health, peace, or prosperity depends upon any personal thought-taking method and instead, understand thoroughly that our good abides in us, the true Christ-Self, and nowhere else. And we are this Man consciously to the degree that we put off the old beliefs and put on the new understanding.

We may temporarily dream and seem to lose awareness of ourselves as the original spiritual Man of God’s creation, but every dream has an end. So our common dream of separation from our true Selfhood, in which we all participate, will come to a close for each of us as we see and acknowledge the one Mind and no other to be ours, here and now; our life to be the one eternal and immortal verity, and the Real Man to be none other than our Self right where we are when so understood and expressed. And so may this prove to each of us to be the glorious Truth and radiant Light which Jesus promised would set us free.

God indeed made everything out of His Perfection, and hence, all was and still is excellent and perfect. In this light, we see that we are and must be spiritual and perfect-and more; we are Spirit and Perfection, for the Scripture reads, “That which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.”

But to accept this fact intellectually or truly seeing it inspirationally are two distinctly different viewpoints. To you who are ready to let go of all personal methods in exchange for the Way, Lo, I come, and I AM with you always.

Now you can say, “I know that I AM! I know that my health, harmony, perfection, happiness, and abundance of every good are not located in my body or my affairs, but only in my real Self-myself awake-the I-Am-Self. Here abide my unalterable, undefilable health and wholeness; my perfect spiritual senses and their specific activities; my ever conscious awareness of Reality as all there is; and my complete experience of every good thing.

Therefore, seeing this supernal fact, my desire should be, and is, to cease believing that my health is dependent in any way upon a physical form or even upon a spiritual form or body. Though my form may still appear to be physical, I shall know that nevertheless, I AM ever one with the I AM THAT I AM; and hence, as Jesus said at one time, so may I say at this time, “Suffer it to be so now.” The appearance of form as physical need in no way deter, interrupt or hinder my conscious awareness that any form or body expresses but does not contain Me, the I AM, and therefore has no power to limit the wholeness I AM.

My sight and hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling, are also in and of my radiant Self, the Christ-Man. They are perfect in Eternity, from everlasting to everlasting. Nothing in and of a so-called physical plane, and its artificial laws and theories, can in any way interfere with, change, deform, distort or limit my Spiritual senses, for they are no part of the body of the dream-world but are wholly in the Christ-Self, the I AM, eternally one with God.

Now, dear Reader, why do you need to no longer feel the necessity of a method of taking thought whereby you may attempt to make changes and corrections (called healing) in your physical appearance? Is it not more intelligent to see and understand that your health is never in or of anybody but belongs only to the spiritually perfect Man whom you already are?

The only necessary change or correction, therefore, should be made in your sense and feeling, in your apprehension and understanding. Your preexistent original estate of perfection will become true and real to you here and now. Could that which is true ever change? Or could Reality ever be less than it was always?

Why not transcend all ways and means of healing, changing, correcting, or destroying thoughts or things and take the high vision of Reality- The idea of being the I-Am-Self- seeing this Self as a fact now? In proportion, as you see and feel Reality to be operative here and now, and in so far as you can, live in harmony with it, you change, as it were, from the state of sleep to that of being awake and aware.

The Self-revealing light shows us that we take conscious possession of the real, divine Mind when we see that it is truly the only Mind and so discard our thought of any other. Thus we go on thinking and feeling rightly, just accepting the simple fact that it is the mind of Christ that is doing it all.

In this way, we learn more about how to multiply our good since, with the divine Mind to which all things are possible, it is natural to have and enjoy the things our heart desires. The here and the now are all that we are consciously aware of, for how could we live in the future or in any place other than just where we are? This, then, is the time and the place where we multiply and replenish our good, for the I-Am-Self is here and never absent.

When you make a declaration, affirmation, or statement of what you wish to do or what you desire to bring to pass, remember this important fact: spiritual things must be spiritually conceived and brought forth. Therefore, when you think, do not feel that it is a human mind you are using with which to bring about some particular good, but as the man of God, the I-AmSelf, know that you are thinking with the Christ-Mind, and you will inevitably bring forth what is rightfully yours. Then your Word, spoken as by the divine Mind, is your authority that it shall not return to you void, but shall go forth and multiply your good. This was Jesus’ authority, and likewise may be yours.

You are consciously at one with the divine Mind to the degree that you see, feel and express it and believe in no other. Acting in the knowledge that this Mind is all-knowing and to it, all things are revealed, state or declare your wish or need, and leave it with this Mind to fulfill or bring to pass.

Back of us, above, and within us is Power-infinite, invincible, and almighty. “I AM the real Man, at-one with the Father,” is the cry of the soul singing its way into the full realization that “All power in heaven and earth is given unto Me.” You are of that which is ever “above.” Therefore your perception should be that Spirit includes your good, and is ceaselessly blessing you. Spirit denotes the real Substance; and the spiritual universe refers to creation as it is,-good, perfect, harmonious, incorruptible, and eternal.

To repeat: The Mind of Spirit should be considered the only Mind, and you should relate yourself to it by your recognition of it as the real and the true, and hence the very Mind which you are using now with which to think your good and true thoughts. You should also see and acknowledge that this Mind is Power, is Light, is Wisdom, and is Love which never faileth.

Your vision determines your thinking. Your vision determines your feeling. Your vision determines your action. Your vision determines the multiplication of your good. Therefore to experience the perfect creation, which all must do, you should begin with the perfect vision, I AM the Self! Not, I am John or Mary Jones, but I Am the Self, the Christ-Man. And you should say this as a living fact and not merely as a mechanical affirmation.

The I AM THAT I AM infinitely individualizes itself as the Christ-Self or I-Am-Self, each indivisible identity being capable of the full realization of his inherent wisdom and intelligence, hence his ability to multiply and replenish his sense of perfect creation. With a clear vision and open heart we now proceed to learn more about how such multiplication is to take place.

Working from the principle of the one Mind, the one Power, the one Spirit-Life, take the position as the I-Am-Self, instead of I am John or Mary Jones, and with this vision make your wish for that thing which you desire to have, and which your Mind informs you are right and good for you to bring to pass. Remember, you are thinking with that Mind to which nothing is impossible, and with the Love which never faileth.

The I AM THAT I AM is the infinite Power House wherein the ever-existent good is generated and maintained. According to Genesis, God declared: “Let the earth bring forth grass… Let the waters bring forth the moving creatures. Let the earth bring forth the living creatures. And it was so.” The command, you see, was stated for the desired thing. Let there be this particular thing! “And it was so.”

Many people are uncertain of their desires, and so change them from day to day, whereas we should form definite ideas and clearly state them, for such is the prerogative of the divine Mind. So always, when and wherever possible, determine and speak the definite idea. A wish, aim, or desire, stated plainly, will bring forth “after his kind,” for to every seed there is a corresponding body, or manifested form, which is creation.

One may ask, But how am I to know that what I wish is right and best for me to have in my present experience? The answer to this question is: You cannot really know unless you are aware that you are associating yourself only with the divine Mind, and so from the standpoint of this Mind your desire must be right.

This is why, first of all, you should identify yourself with that state called the Christ or the I-Am-Self, for he is ever one with God, and to him all good is possible.

Any desire of the true Self, or the one Mind, is right and good and capable of being brought forth into visible manifestation as illustrated in the first chapter of Genesis, as well as in Jesus’ life and miracles. As you identify yourself with the divine Mind, and no other, naturally you will begin to desire only those things which are right and best for you to have in your present experience. Your desire for some certain thing, therefore, will be proof to you that it is for you since both the desire as well as the experience proceed from the same Mind. The I-Am-Self and the divine Mind are one and inseparable.

The questions may then be asked, “How can the divine Mind, or Spirit, create material things? Is not the thing created, or which is brought to pass, verily material?” To the one Mind or Spirit, all creation is spiritual. Spirit could not create materiality, although limited vision calls it so.

Let us take, for instance, the lesson found in the New Testament where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes. Here the disciples brought to him the two loaves and a few fishes as representing all the food available. This was their vision. But Jesus “looked up into heaven” and gave thanks. Jesus lifted his vision higher than human sense would allow.

To human sense,-that is, to those who were not yet aware that they had never departed from their Father’s house, and so were ever associated with infinite plenty,-the supply of food was limited, and to this sense also it was material.

Jesus lifted his vision above human sense! The very food which they thought material and limited, he blessed. He placed a different interpretation upon it all together, for the right discernment of Spirit ever beholds the inexhaustible and illimitable supply of thoughts and things. He saw in the loaves and fishes his concept of food, and to him, it represented spiritual good which may be increased or multiplied wherever one may be, according to the desired amount needed, even were the necessity present to feed five thousand people.

To those who partook of the food, no doubt this spiritual expression looked the same as their familiar so-called material loaves, whereas Jesus saw it as the manifestation of spiritual ideas. To the materialist, all things are material; to the spiritually-minded, all things are in and of Spirit.

For this reason, many find the increase of their good so difficult: they are attempting to multiply spiritually the very things which to them are material, instead of multiplying spiritual ideas, spiritually. It may seem to take time, and one may need to exercise patience with himself, to learn how to translate his sense of things from a material basis to the spiritual and real.

“Ye must be born again,” is still the explained process of regeneration as taught by the Master who knew all things. “Ye must be born of water and Spirit.” Not born again of materiality, -of time, place, and limitation. Remember, a far country is not a place, nor a plane, but a state. We are therefore to leave one state, a state of falsely believing that we are material beings in a material world, and we are to take on the true state, the state of truly seeing that we are the real Man ever at-one with the real Mind. This is to be born again, born of water, -purity and receptivity, and born of Spirit, Truth, and Reality.

We are not to leave one material viewpoint for another material viewpoint which may seem an advanced one, but we are to leave the state of seeing things materially to seeing things spiritually. And to do this, we are to raise our eyes (vision) to Heaven, Reality. We are to get a new and true viewpoint.

Here on earth is where you should, and can, multiply your good. Here on earth, with spiritual awareness and the right vision, is where you may bring to pass your heart’s desire: for the spiritual ideas,-Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity,-stand back of all your desires for supply, and so maybe brought into visible form to the degree that you see them as they are, acknowledge and accept them.

You are therefore to leave the belief of being material, or mortal, for the true understanding of yourself as spiritual and immortal. Once establish yourself in this right and true position, or state, it will then also become easy and natural to establish your world and your affairs in their rightful places. To the spiritually minded, all is Spirit and its spiritual accompaniment. Should your desire be for a strong, healthy, active body, such a desire is good and right; and if you are certain that it arises in you, the I-Am-Self, instead of John or Mary Jones, then your desire will be consummated. You should remember that the form and action of the real Self must be like unto it in all ways. The I-Am-Self and the I-Am-Body are one, for Life includes its specific perfect form. Thus as you identify yourself with the I AM, you likewise identify your form, or body, with perfect action, health, and harmony.

Instead of thinking of the body as a dependent material object, think of it as simultaneously existing with the perfect Self which you are, and consequently good. Instead of seeing the body as limited by man-made laws, understand it to be eternal, changeless, complete, and perfect in action, feeling, and form: because ever-existing with the one perfect Life and Love which you are, and which includes ALL.

Some consider themselves material beings with material bodies. Others, having raised their vision, believe that they are spiritual beings, but that they still express material bodies. In the Self-revealing Light, it is seen that in our real state we are each not only the perfect spiritual Self but also the perfect spiritual body.

From first to last the body should be seen and thought of as included in the perfect Self, and then it will easily be seen that all that ever needs changing or correcting is one’s point of view. Thus as this is changed from belief to understanding, automatically one’s world seems to change also; and, whereas before there seemed to be discord, now harmony is expressed; and, whereas before there seemed to be lack and limitation, now plenty and abundance are expressed.

In this way Reality or the perfect Creation, comes to light. You should therefore ever keep the vision of REALITY before you,-Reality here, there, everywhere; and never declare anything which you do not wish to see manifested. Reality includes you, the perfect I AM, or spiritual Self; you, the spiritual and perfect body; and you, the spiritual and perfect universe. For nothing exists to you outside of your Self.

At some point in everyone’s progress, he will learn this real Truth about him Self, Body, and Universe, and will leave all else to lay hold upon this Reality, which is his Father’s house, and also his own.

Verily, the Self is the Way to wholeness and harmony, to success and prosperity: for our Self is truly the Light of the world. We should therefore sing praises to this glorious Self, our own I AM, ever one with God, the Father. “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ,”-accept as your own the true (Christ) state-that perfect state of knowing, feeling, and being which originally you had with the Father before the dreamworld began. In no other way can you personify the Real or Christ-Man.

Do not attempt to bring the perfect state of Being into the mortal dream as though by so doing to repair the dream-conditions (while you are left to do further dreaming), but step out of the dream, as it were, by taking possession of your true Christ-state into which no dream can come. “They which are the children of the flesh (thinking as in a dream) are not the (real state of the) children of God.”

You cannot return to the Father except by first returning to the perfect, real state, since this very state is the Christ, which is an all-inclusive-eternally one with God. Paul writes very illuminatingly in the following verses:

“The head of every man is Christ, and the head of Christ is God….Now ye are the body of Christ and members in particular…Christ is all and in all.”

Thus we cannot return to the Father except being returning to the Christ-the position of perfect Being which is eternally one with God, even as the rays of light are one with the sun. The rays collectively represent Christ, the Self-revealing Light, of which each one of us is a member in particular. Here we see why Peter declared so inspirationally to Jesus, “Thou art the Christ,” because he saw that man operating in the Christ-state Is the Christ-Man.

“In Christ shall all be made alive.” Verily as we operate in this, our real state of knowing and expressing, we shall all be alive to our Perfection as changeless and eternal, free from any mortal dream. “In him (the Christ state) dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Ye are (now, as in the beginning) complete in him,” and so need only to take conscious possession of this eternal Truth, and in so far as you can, live and act therein, to be set free from the mortal dream.

“Therefore, if any man is in (the) Christ (state) he is a new creature,-(verily, the Christ-Man, the I-Am-Son); old things (of the dream) are passed away, behold, all things become new (as they were original).” “No man cometh unto the Father but by Me,”-the only way to the God-Consciousness is through the Christ-state, for “without Me,” the true state of knowing, feeling and expressing, “you can do nothing,”-for only because you are not fully conscious of your real state, nor fully operating in it, does the dream of bondage and limitation persist.

This is the very truth which we should bring to that man who is called a mortal. When he comes to us for help we are to say to him, “You are not of this world. You are not of perishable flesh and blood. You are not both good and evil. You are not intended to experience death, but only life. You are God’s perfect man exactly where you stand: you need only to feel this and live in harmony with it, and you will begin experiencing it.”

Truly until one comes to see himself as he is, he will never leave a far country of dreams and fables.

When you come to yourself, you see who you are, and seeing this you naturally see what body you have, what universe you live in, what power you make use of, what Mind you utilize, and what Life you are living, feeling, and experiencing. With such transformation of sense and view, there also appears a corresponding transfiguration of body and affairs.

Does the Christ-Self exist because of what you think or feel? Does the Real man, or man in his Real state know about Spirit and flesh, good and bad, or about time and place, sin, sickness, and death? What is it that the I AM knows? It knows I AM, and besides Me, there is none else! It knows, “I AM in the Father, and the Father in Me.” Thus I AM ever one with the I AM THAT I AM.

Say it over and over, sing it softly to yourself-I AM THAT I AM. Lovingly, earnestly, expectantly. Do not attempt to define what it means, nor analyze your feeling, but just say it, and it will begin to reveal itself to you, for the I AM THAT I AM reveals Itself to me, to you, to all who say, I will arise and go unto my Self in my true state of being-where nothing can oppose me-nothing!

The I AM does not depend upon thought or feelings, times or places, conditions called sin and goodness, life and death, for its existence: the I AM THAT I AM says, I AM all power, I AM all perfection. Do not confine Me to this or that idea or thought word or saying. Do not limit Me to churches or ministers, to man or woman, to books or sentences. I AM THAT I AM, the Unconditioned, the Eternal One.

There is but the one I AM THAT I AM. There is not one big “I” and millions of smaller “I’s.” One Life is all there is, even as one air is all the air there is. This one I AM THAT I AM includes granite heights, crystals, trees, flowers, birds, animals, man, and all created things. Surrender, therefore, the ifs, buts, whys, and wherefores for this absolute state of yourself -your radiant I – AM, ever the Self-revealing Light.

The I AM does not concern itself with your sins or limitations, with your past or future. Do not concern yourself with your body or affairs; with your father or mother, your husband or wife; with your station in life, your color, age, or education. The I AM concerns itself only with you. Ever it declares, There is no cause or effect besides Me; I see no ignorance or darkness, no evil, anywhere, for to Me there is nothing but Myself. I am the All in all.

I AM found when all else fails; when all other means are of no avail; and when no thinking can find the way out. Lo, your extremity is my opportunity to prove to you Myself to be your All-in-all. I AM present always, the never-failing, Self-existent One. If you make your bed in hell, lo, I AM there. If you take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, ever there I AM, for I AM with you wherever you are. I am your Self.

I AM the Self which you have wandered away from-but only as in a dream which you can readily see, if you will, has no substance at all. No dream can ever separate us, for I AM with you wherever you are. I AM with you in your sorrow, failure, and defeat. I AM with you in your joy, pleasure, and success. What is darkness to you shineth as the light to me?

I AM the Self to whom you now lovingly turn. None of your delusions affect Me. I AM at your side waiting only for your awareness of Me, your recognition and realization of Me as your All-in-all, to set you free from any false belief in separation. When you leave all for Me, then shall you find Me. When you cry out yearningly from your heart to Me, you shall hear My voice answering you. I AM your hope of Glory. I AM your bright and morning Star. I AM the Lord, your God. I AM YOU, your Self.

Acknowledge Me in all your ways. Acknowledge yourself in its true position, and thus enjoy its supreme ability and power in all your undertakings. See your radiant Self as verily the Real man about whom so much has been written, for low, these many years. See this Self -your Self as the Christ Self-all-victorious, pure, complete, supreme, triumphant in all things and all ways.

As you have loved, and praised, believed’ in and worshipped Jesus, the Christ, as the perfect and adorable One, even so, must you now thin of and consider your Self, for, dear Reader, the Self of Jesus and the Self of you and me is not separate or different, but is, in very truth, the same,-” That they all may be ONE; as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in Us.”

“If a man walks in the night (unillumination) he stumbleth because there is no light in him.” (John 11:10). Our righteousness shall be brought forth as the light if only we will be receptive to progressive ideas, to new revelations, and the ever-revealing Light of the Self. Many who read these lines know that they are not advancing as they should, nor as they once did, yet they feel that they are striving harder than ever before; that they read and study the books of Truth faithfully; that they are sincere in their declarations and prayers; still they do not progress in the demonstration, nor understand why this is so.

Arise and come forth! ever calls the Self. As new leaves in Spring push off the old ones from the tree, so the new and more advanced ideas of Truth which we apprehend and accept push away outgrown beliefs and theories. Most frequently, at first, we obtain the light through teachers and books, but this same spiritual illumination may also come to us directly from God, the I AM THAT I AM, without the channel of any outer communication whatsoever.

It often happens that after many years of study one may seem to come to a standstill, to a place where he makes no further progress. It is apparent then that he needs fuller light, though perhaps unwilling to make this acknowledgment, even to himself. Then, again, fuller light may have been presented to him which he refused to listen to or accept.

Of course, this refusal to progress must retard one’s return to the Self, bind him to old positions outgrown, and close the door to the divine Truth which should always be kept wide open. As the sun shines on us all alike, so also Revelation of the Truth of our Being may come to us all,-to anyone who will receive it. Working with prescribed thoughts, as such, day after day, struggling with the repetition of sentences, no matter however true, keeps one in a far country where “no man gave unto him.” Meanwhile, the realization is dawning that it is for all to come of themselves to the perfect radiant Self.

One must arise, welcome, and follow the beckoning light, and so come to the perfect state where the Self lives. In this way, he finds the All-good, and all problems vanish.

Many are now in the process of such awakening. Our waking, or coming into the real state, is not instantaneous as in our waking from a night’s sleep; for indeed, it seems to require much time with all of us; yet how grateful we should be that we are beholding the Way, and ever we are gaining a better understanding of Jesus’ life and teaching; that we have received so much help from others who have blazed the trail before us, and that this Self-revealing Light ever continues to shine upon us-to reveal and make Itself more fully known to us.

In these latter days, it is to be expected that more abundant light will come swiftly and will break suddenly, perhaps, in full radiance upon the quickened senses, so that a complete awakening will take place. But until this event comes we should do all we possibly can in the way of preparation for the Way, the Light, the Resurrection, by acknowledging our Real self to be present with us right here on this so-called physical plane, for such, after all, is the true awareness.

Right here where we are expressing a so-called physical body, and right here where we have believed that we were using a so-called human mind, is the time and place where we are to see and claim the perfect Christ-Self, and no other, as the one Self of each and all of us. This is the Truth that will surely set us free from any opposite beliefs. This one-Self is the Self of us all, is the Son, of God, the real man, and is “the one altogether lovely.” Individuality is infinite in expression, as you and I and every other man, woman, and child. We each have a distinct individuality that expresses and makes manifest the one Christ-Self.

We read in the Bible that “in the beginning” God created man in His image. He did not have diversified ideas about man, but completely perfect ideas of all that man are and include. Each of us, then, whom God created, must be the personification of the perfect and original Man which is the Christ-Man. Jesus exemplified this creation perfectly.

As there is but one idea of mathematics, or as mathematics is one and not two, so Christ is one, and this one is called the perfect Self, or the real Man. And as we may each have and use all there is of mathematics, and still, all is left for everyone else, likewise, one may express, use and manifest the one Christ-Man, and still, everyone else may do the same.

When this illustration is seen and understood, then you will apprehend and realize the oneness of the Christ-Man, and also his infinity. You will always have your distinct individuality, you will never merge, as it were, into another individual, but will ever express and experience the original spiritual Man.

When we are commanded to “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ,” this means that we are to put on the Christ state, for this is the state which is Lord of all. As we put on the Christ state, or function in this true state of knowing, feeling, and expressing, we are the Christ man and no other. We can put on “the new man” only by operating in our real and true position, for then, automatically, we become the real man of God’s creating.-” For it pleased the Father that in him,-the Real Christ-man, should all fullness dwell.” Jesus perfectly expressed Man in God’s likeness, for we read in John’s gospel:

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Thus Jesus was, and still is, the Christ. There are not many “Christs” any more than there is much mathematics. The word “Christ” means, primarily, the perfect state of spiritual Being. The Christ is the state of knowing and being Perfection. When a man expresses this Christ-state, then he is called the Christ-Man. This Christ, or the perfect state of Being, exists potentially in every one of us. It exists the same as one’s waking state exists in him even while he sleeps; nor could he ever be separated from it.

In the preceding booklet, “The Self-revealing Light,” it is clearly shown and explained how man’s waking state exists in him even when asleep; how as he loses sleep by waking, he then consciously operates in that state. Thus as we lose a dream state by putting on the Christ state, or consciously operating in it, we experience Reality.

Today, like the pendulum of a clock, we find ourselves swinging, as it were, between the position of the wakeful Immortal and the self-imposed position of the sleeping mortal; and, as St. Paul says, “It is high time that we awake out of (such) sleep.” Indeed, the time is here when we must see just what this sleep means and includes: for it was this very sleep which originally dimmed our vision of perfect God and perfect Man and brought about all that we are unhappily experiencing today.

When a man functions in his natural state, as God created him to do, he is then an Immortal consciously aware of his true state of being in the Kingdom of heaven. Should he choose not to remain in this state, however, as clearly illustrated by the rich man’s son, he enters what the Bible calls a mental sleep where he is not fully aware of himself as he is. Thus we see that though the son may choose which state he will serve, still the true state is always present, and ever one with the Father, and the other state but denotes a mental lapse from the true and real, so constitutes the unreal state where unhappy and discordant conditions spring up.

When light is withdrawn from a room, the result is called darkness, and in precisely the same way, when we withdraw ourselves from the True state of being by becoming mentally asleep to the truth that we are ever the Perfect man of God’s creating, and so ever completely harmonious, and lacking nothing, the result is then called mortality. Thus we must awaken and remain awake, to enjoy the Peace and Happiness of that True state where we are the Light of the world.

How shall we place ourselves in this true state, as it were, to be the Real man, here and now? Just our fervent and earnest desire to do this, more than to do anything else in the world, will immediately and effectively help to bring this about. When the heart really and truly desires, above all else, to live the true life of peace, loving-kindness, and goodness, and so is willing to give up, so far as it is able, any contrary seeing, thinking and feeling, one instantly finds himself in that True state of being, even as upon opening his eyes from slumber, he immediately enters his day-time experience.

So, first of all, lovingly desire to live more fully in your true Christ state,-that original and ever-existing state of perfect Man, and long with all your heart to leave a selfish, self-indulgent state of seeing, thinking, and believing in which we have all so long lingered. Let us come to the Father, now, and humbly say, “Father, forgive me, for I knew not what I was doing.” Truly, such yearning, heart’s desire to please God, as well as an utter willingness to abandon a false state of mental sleep, permits the Light to stream in.

Present in, and back of every created thing, is the real-life, the real Mind, and the real Being, of which things are only the symbols. Perfection is the original essence and spiritual nature of all that is. Back of a world of change, of impermanence, rests the Eternal which is the Unchangeable. Ever underlying the finite is the Infinite. Underlying our dream is the waking state of Spiritual consciousness. Underlying all falsity is the truth. Underlying death is life-eternal.

What we call Reality is God, existing without beginning or end, underlying all forms, and all things, and the primal cause of them. Reality exists of and by itself, it depends upon nothing, for it is the I AM THAT I AM. It abides invariable and constant in all things; it precedes and survives all changing forms, states, and conditions.

This Reality for which everyone searches day after day, (although he may know it not), is in and of nothing man invented. This is why so often he misses the Way because he is looking where Reality can never be found. He feels “a mighty famine,” and foolishly continues looking for the substance of the all-good amidst the husks of materiality, hereby entangling himself more and more in the dream of material existence.

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I Am God, and there is none else.” (Is. 45:22) Such is that innermost call of Love, which each of us must, sooner or later, heed and obey.

Dear Reader, begin now to answer to this greatest of all the demands made upon us, which is to love. Inspirational and intuitive thinking and feeling are not physical emotions, nor the properties of a make-shift mentality, but they denote the conscious possession of that Mind which was in Christ Jesus. Be assured of this from the revelation vouchsafed to you from on High.

Verily, we must find God to be Love,–in the heart of man. The Bible uses this word “heart” as symbolical of the innermost and vital part of man, even as Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” To counteract, or offset, the hold which past or present mistakes may have had upon you, by letting Love permeate your whole being; and it will generate, automatically, that right feeling which is called forgiveness: for this, Jesus taught, must precede light and illumination.

Love and forgive your enemies by looking through their mistakes to catch a glimpse of the radiant Self-standing in their midst untouched by any mortal dream appearance. From this place, which is holy ground, blotting out of memory that mortal-appearing man or woman who has treated you wrongly or unkindly, perceive that it is not this sinning appearance which you are bidden by Spirit to love. No, indeed! It is the Christ-Man whom you should recognize, and into whose shining face you should smile, and whose hand you should clasp in understanding love.

Do this, Beloved, that you may be the obedient Son of the Father; and upon you will dawn that light which is brighter than the sun; and if your limbs are fettered you will presently find them supple and usable again, and if restrictions have been placed upon your affairs they will be released, and you will walk in freedom; for where your loving feeling is, there shall your complete and happy experience be also.

The higher illumination and understanding reveals the fact that we are not living on a material plane which would involve the necessity of destroying, either physically or mentally, our ever-increasing and multiplying problems, sorrows, and limitations. What is termed a “plane” is a certain state of awareness, instead of a place. This is what makes our freedom possible because we need not move from one place to another, but merely from one point of awareness to another higher and more enlightening one, to become a new creature and exclaim, Behold, all things are made new.

Thoughts that spring from Love inspire and elevate our aims and efforts, and draw us into the realization of our true estate. We may have believed that Truth or Mind is one entity, and Love is another, but the Self-revealing Light shows us that Wisdom and Love are but two aspects of the same Self. Love is perfected in Wisdom, and Wisdom is revealed in Love. So, to seek for Wisdom, or Truth, as though it were separate from Love, is to be unaware of one of the basic facts of Being.

Be still, so still. Endeavor to feel warm, pulsating love for God, for Self, for all. Let tenderness, forgiveness, unselfish goodness flood and fill you with their divine effulgence. Then light and peace will envelop you, and you will sing songs of joy and gladness. Inspirational thoughts, too, will come to you effortlessly, and Love will lift you above the sense of sleep and twilight into that realm where it is always Day, and where it is a joy just to live and to be.

Thus shall you understand that glorious saying, “He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” For you know that it is so.

We know that while standing in the light we could not be in darkness; just so we know that knowing and feeling our place in the true Light, we cannot believe in or be conscious of the untruth, or unreality. And even though we may still appear to be in human form, now we know where we came from and who we are. Even while we live, apparently, in a so-called physical world, we may claim, and make good our claim, that we are the I AM Self living in the Kingdom of heaven.

This is the spiritual vision that we must always utilize to see things correctly. When we rightly claim the actions, functions, and organs of our body to be perfect now, which is the vision in the Self-revealing Light, we do not focus attention on a physical appearance, as though attempting to spiritualize what is called matter; nor try to change any form from sickness to health, or from disease to harmony: nor do we hold any false picture-form of the body in thought while the true vision is ours.

Right where I am expressing a discordant or limited condition of any kind, right here is where I am to realize and declare the very truth of myself as not material but spiritual, not matter but Spirit, since God, Spirit, is All in all. I am not dreaming now but I am awake in the Light, and so I am partaking of Reality and Perfection. Truly and joyously, I love the fact of my continuous and uninterrupted Harmony which is eternally mine since I ever exist in the Christ who is one with God. I know that my remedy for any falsehood is the Truth that discord of any nature is unreal since not of God and that God and His Perfection is present with and in me always. Since troubles of all kinds are wholly mental, and never, as it seems, physical, then by seeing, knowing, and feeling Love, Perfection, Harmony to be God, who is All in all, and knowing that the Christ of God is right within me, having power, o’er all victorious, I know the mental dream will leave, since no darkness can abide in the light.

I am convinced that it is spiritually required of me that in so far as I am able, I must steadfastly and continuously endeavor to live my daily life and contact with people and things consistent with my spiritual Idea and real feelings, for such consistent activity is the means to bring about my awakening. I now clearly understand and accept as true the words written in 1875 by a great spiritual teacher-” The body of Spirit is spiritual and not material…. We shall be found Love, Life, and Truth because we understand them.” Thus, more and more, I am depending upon the Reality which I AM for my health, wealth, and happiness, and less and less upon man and his mistaken laws in a far country.

I know that “Christ is the end of the law” of discord and all dreams of separation from Perfection. Thus as I function in this Christ, (which state is always within me) that is, as I remain worshipping, loving, and living in the Christ state of Light and Understanding, I find that I am in the Kingdom, I am at peace, I am filled with the glory of Harmony and Reality-verily, I am “hid with Christ in God” where no evil shall come to nigh me. “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And him that is athirst come. And whosoever will let him take of the water of life freely.”

In Absolute teaching, we deal with the Truth which is Reality without beginning or end. We deal with the true Mind, the true thoughts, the true body, the true universe, and the true Christ-Self, always.

Instead of trying to educate a mind to become divine and immortal, which, paradoxically, we had considered human and mortal, we can see now the folly of such a notion. From a higher point of vision, all things appear different. Attempting to renovate or remodel our thinking to change a human mind into the Mind of Christ is not the teaching of the I-Am-Light. Furthermore, holding in the belief that the body is physical by nature, and still attempting to renew and remedy it using spiritual thinking, is not a true application of the Absolute.

The only Mind that we should deal with is the one Mind back of every true and perfect idea. And the only body we should consider is the body that expresses naturally these ideas of wholeness. Then, automatically, we give up the notion of healing a human mind or bringing the harmony of the I AM into a human body. We see the futility of it. We see as never before the great necessity to know and feel that there is but the One Mind, the One Body, and the ONE Life-expression; and that there is none else.

When apprehending Reality, one will also learn to understand the nature of unreality. He will see with the vision of Spirit; he will know with the intelligence of Mind; he will feel with the heart of Love, and he will be satisfied that he is waking in His likeness.

This may be one of the reasons why many complain of failure or inability to demonstrate the Truth in body and affairs-they are attempting to apply the truth of Being direct to sick bodies and sick affairs: whereas the Truth can be applied only to vision, thought, sense and feeling.

Attempting to heal physical bodies or spiritualize human mentalities metaphysically, or by right thinking, overlooks the paramount fact that all discord, limitation, and imperfection are unreal, because untrue! The eternal, real, and true conditions already exist in the one Christ state, to be seen, accepted, and utilized wherever vision is clarified sufficiently to thus behold the omnipresent Christ-Man.

“Behold, I come quickly, and My reward is with Me.” As we rise to welcome the Self-revealing Light and behold the I-Am-Self, the entangling dream-shadows effortlessly slip from us. With winged feet we speed toward our goal -that height where the I AM THAT I AM stands revealed, and rapturously we exclaim with the apostle, “Beloved, now are we the Sons of God,”-now are we the Son-Self, the radiant I-Am. 

Lillian DeWaters

"Spirit, the God, is one infinite, indivisible, pure, and perfect Selfhood; and there can be no personal self, being, mind, or body. Spirit is our Life, our Life is Spirit. Spirit is our Mind or Consciousness. Mind or Consciousness is our Spirit. Spirit is our Body, our Body is Spirit."

Spirit is our only Self, I or ME-boundless, immeasurable, timeless, spaceless, incorporeal. There is no mortal, human, or material being, mind, self, or body. Spirit is our only Self, I or ME-boundless, immeasurable, timeless, spaceless, incorporeal. There is no mortal, human, or material being, mind, self or body. There is but “ME”-I AM the One who is real and present. When this new revelation is seen and accepted, there will be no more sickness, sorrow, disease, pain, or death. As the belief and teaching that we are mortals, humans or mankind is done away with, there will be no misbelief, misconception, erring teaching, or wrong thinking.

Seeing that the One Self, “I” or “ME” reigns alone and that there can be no other identity-whether as mind, consciousness, or body each one should reject and discard the beliefs and teaching which identify oneself as man, humanity, or mankind; for within this very identification lies the subjection to suffering, disease, and limitation. Our deliverance, therefore, is not from suffering, worry, fear, or old age, but that one ceases to believe or accept that he is a mortal or human being, and that his body is material or physical.

The healing of disease will never be the termination of the disease, nor can the healing of suffering bring an end to suffering; nor will the denial of matter do more than continue to keep one in the belief that he is a mortal, and that his body is material, thus prolonging his association with sickness, lack, and suffering.

This new revelation is bound to come universally. The time is here, not only for us to know the unadulterated Truth, but for us to speak it out loud. Spirit is our only Self, Spirit is our only Body, Spirit is our only World-complete, perfect, present. Spirit is the only “I” or “Me”.

Because of this deeply profound revelation-that Spirit alone is all, and that nothing else is present here and now but Spirit, God, the ONE-there must come to an end to the belief and teaching that we are mortals, humans, humanhood, or humanity.

Perceiving that one’s Self or I Am exists alone, one should forthwith renounce and relinquish all belief and teaching which keep him subject to mortality and suffering by identifying him with another self, mind, and body, not the One. In the Light of our pure, boundless, unrestricted love for Truth and Reality, and in the certainty of our pure vision and perfect knowledge that there is one Self, one Consciousness, and one world only, we know and we declare that there was never a deflection of being, ‘nor a creation of mortals. We know we are not a mortal! We know we are not human minds! We know we are not a material body! We know we do not live in human existence!

Truth exists alone. The one I Am, the one Selfhood, is Principle, Power, Life and Being. Let no one continue to believe that he can find out what Truth is by reversing error or by denying material senses. Knowing by Spirit within, that Truth IS, one simultaneously knows there are no material senses. Identified as the One Mind only, one has no consciousness of, or belief in, error.

The fact should be evident, that only one’s belief that he is separate from or other than the one Self, Being and Mind, causes him to believe in mortal beings, material senses, and error; and thus allows him to be subject to problems, vicissitudes, limitation, and sorrow.

As soon as one sees and accepts the revelation that God, Spirit is the whole of him, and the whole of all, and that he is not separated from God, nor Spirit, he will then know naught of material testimony, mortal belief, or human existence.

His only remedy for sin, sickness, suffering, and limitation will be his perfect knowledge and awareness that Spirit is his eternal Selfhood, present here and now as the totality of his life, being, world, and existence. No error or evil made a mortal man. No human concept ever existed. Sin did not create a sinner, nor was sin self-created. Self-created matter, self-destructive evil, or self-constituted falsity never existed or seemed to exist; nor will error or evil be self-destroyed. All such theories and beliefs have as their only basis the fabulous religious doctrine of original sin and separation.

As long as one infinite God remains one infinite Selfhood, Mind and Universe, there is no material creation, no mortal being, no human mind, and no corporeal body. Reader, fear not to examine carefully what you read, and what teaching you accept; have this thought in mind: does it identify you with perfection, purity, wholeness, harmony, peace, serenity, and happiness right here and now—or—does it relate you to problems, labor, struggle, suffering, and limitation by identifying you as humanity, humanhood or mankind, with a mortal, human body, living in human existence?

Fear not to question the books you read-even the Bible. Why not? Let a book stand or fall upon its statements, whether as true or fabulous. Whatever statement is based upon Spirit, God, as our only Life, Mind, Being, Principle, Power, Consciousness, Universe and Manifestation-unconditioned, pure, perfect, invariable and eternal-is Truth. Whatever statement identifies us with another self, mind, world, and body, which are mortal, material, or human-is fabulous. There cannot be the existence of an infinite perfect ONE, and besides this, the existence of another finite, sinful second.

The teachings which tend to prolong our identification with problems, lack, warfare, sickness, confusion, and misunderstanding, by placing before us the belief that we are not living in the spiritual world now, that our body is not spiritual now, and that our mind is not filled with a constant stream of light and illumination-these teachings must be dropped and forgotten. There is a supreme Truth and Reality which is the Self, Being, and Awareness of the whole world—It is Spirit. Spirit is the real and true, existing alone. Spirit, the one Selfhood or I Am, remains absolute, as our only Self, Being, Body and World-present right here and now. In this absolute truth and perfect knowledge that Spirit is ALL-without beginning, change or end-there is no place for contradiction, contradistinction, opposition, or a suppositious second. All the while, God Is All remaining One and Absolute.

Surrendering belief in duality, personality, and mortality, as well as the belief that our body is human and material, we find that we are not different or other than the One who is real, perfect, and present. There can be neither self, mind, form, or world apart from that which is the eternal, present Self. Let everyone cast aside as useless and unavailing the teaching of separation, development, translation, or reinstatement if he should be free from sickness, grief, lack, and tribulation.

Emergence from matter into Spirit is impossible. The matter has never existed. None can bridge a distance between us and God-no distance exists. None can make a journey to God—God is within our own heart. No future time or another place can ever be—God is infinite, timeless, spaceless, everpresent. Question your Self. Take for instance these questions: Is there one mind only? Besides the mind of God is there a human or a mortal mind? Is God the only Power or is there also another power called evil, err, or mortal mind? Face questions squarely, and answer them with a yes or no. Until you

surrender your belief in two minds, two bodies and two worlds, you cannot experience the joy and glory of Self—Light and Self—Awareness, for none but the One infinite, divine Mind knows Itself. There is not anything but the Infinite, indivisible One. The one Life is our life, the one Mind is our mind, the one Existence is our existence. It is impossible for anyone or anything to exist except as the One who exists alone.

Everything in and of this one All is the one All Itself. No one or thing has being, mind, or existence of himself, herself, itself. Not only is our life, mind, and being God, but the whole of us is God, the Self, the I Am. In no other way could it be truly said that God is All.

Know your Self, and you will be Self-luminous. See your Self, and you will see God. Surrender belief in another self, another mind, another body and world besides the immutable, immaculate, present One, and Self-revelation and illumination is immediate and direct. You are then free in spirit, in mind, in the body. If you accept the mistaken belief that mind and body are human or material, you are unaware of the Truth that mind and body have always been Spirit. Accepting Spirit as the only presence here and now, struggle, labor, and warfare are abolished.

No fear is attached to the turning to and acceptance of this enlightened standpoint. Every interpretation, doctrine, or practice, which would connect or associate us with degenerate beings—humanity, humanhood, or mortals—will be swallowed up in the luminous light and perfect knowledge that the Infinite I AM remains unseparated and alone, and I AM this I AM. If you watch your thinking with the idea to correct, purify or control it, you are then and there identifying yourself with a mind that does not exist. There is no mind besides the spiritual or divine Mind, and there is no self but the one infinite Selfhood. If you would know the Truth, and experience the real Self here and now, you must stop believing in or teaching the practice of correction, development, or translation of human minds or mortal beings. Such labor and effort are spent in vain.

To be aware of the Truth one must be the Truth, and to know what is real and true, one must know as the one Consciousness. Accept the one Mind only-aware that there is no other-then your thinking will delight and inspire you. Detach yourself from systems and methods that prevent you from knowing that there is but the one Self, mind, and thinking. Discard all practices which would identify you as a mortal or human being, with the mind, though, and will of your own; and which keep you in bondage to the fabulous belief that you are separated from Perfection. The Truth is that one Self, one Mind, one Consciousness or Awareness exists alone; we ARE this One.

Truth cannot be revealed unless you detach yourself from beliefs and teachings about yourself as other than Spirit. Once you face God, and turn your heart to God alone-shutting out all thoughts of another world of people and things you are in immediate Light, which reveals to you whatever it is you should know. Since the one Being is your life and self, and since you can be no other, there must be therefore the renunciation of your belief in any other

Infinite God is our own infinite, perfect Life, Mind, and Being. This Selfhood excludes any other self or existence. Omniscience excludes the presence of any other mind. Omnipotence excludes the presence of any other power. The infinite, perfect ONE knows Itself to be the infinite All-in-All. The answer to the world’s problems is not to be found in the healing of diseases or the overcoming of wars. The deep significance of this hour is that we turn our hearts from all else to God direct for light, vision, revelation. No treatment or demonstration will prove sufficient for this crucial hour. Light only can reveal the way. Old beliefs and teaching shall here and now utterly pass away. Behold, “I” make all things NEW!

This new Light goes far beneath the surface. It reaches the very depths of the heart. Here it discovers the deeply rooted belief and teaching that we are mortals or human beings with material bodies, living in human existence. None of this is true. All of it must be demolished, abolished, and pass away. The basic belief and basic teaching of all religions are that we are now separate from God; that God is Spirit, but we are mortals of humanity. Light reveals that we are not humans or mortals; that there is no mortal to be regenerated, nobody in need of healing, and no world that can be destroyed. Light reveals that we were never separated from God!

Spirit could not be present in a mortal self, a human mind, a material body, a world, or existence. Spirit, the one I AM, the “I” or Identity for all, is here now, always the same-invariable, unchangeable, absolute. To Spirit, all is Itself, all is Spirit. The new Light of today reveals that we are not a race of humanity, we are not human minds or human bodies. Every time one claims that he must put off or put on another mind, every time he thinks he is a mortal, and that this body is human or material, and this world is an illusion, he is claiming an existence that does not exist. Apart from Spirit, God, there is no existence. Besides “ME” there is no other, there was no other, there will be no other.

Nothing in or of God is human, mortal, material, unreal, or illusory. God is the entire, the totality. To be at all, we must be this ONE. God is whole-the Whole. God is the whole of Life, Being, World, and Existence. In this Whole, there is no separation; no suffering; no warfare, no destruction; no death. In this Whole, there is light, vision, revelation-constant and unending.

They who turn their hearts to God, fully and completely—surrendering and abolishing all teachings of today which hold the world in the belief that we are separate from or other than Spirit, God, the One-will know of God that Spirit and spiritual Existence alone is present. They will live in their own pure and perfect Awareness or Consciousness that Spirit is all and that we can be nothing but Spirit.

The end of the world means bringing to an end the diabolical belief that we are mortals, humanity, or mankind. It shall be that we will see this very Self, this very Body, and this very World as the Real and True-verily, the kingdom of Heaven Itself. Here, there is no sickness, no war, no sorrow, no death; for the former belief of sin and separation shall have been obliterated by the glorious, luminous Light and Revelation that the I AM remains Total and Alone; that “I” am the only One-there is none but “ME”. 

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