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Meditating with Mike

One to One with Mike

After years of spiritual practices and experiences, I have found that the most direct and workable form of spiritual guidance is through the individual session.

Realising that spiritual education is not like the formal Western belief system of knowledge, there is spontaneity and impartation of truth coming forth specifically for each person that presents him or herself to the teacher.

By coming to the Presence of God which you may recognise as a teacher, a spiritual openness is created through which you are gently guided to recognise what has been the limiting factors that have been withholding true spiritual consciousness from your experience. Consciousness is experience. To tangibly have the abundance of life, joy and all good of the world is to truly know the One True that frees us from all limitations.

Messages will be coming through that is specifically for you as an individual and in the way and manner that your present awareness can take. This will serve as a ladder towards higher God-awareness and opening to the secret of the heavens and earth.

Silence is an important aspect of our time together. As you sit in the teacher's company, the light of truth gently opens up your inner awareness and begins to guide you to the door of true spiritual understanding and freedom. Truth Itself is the Understanding you have been seeking. My job is to guide you to that One Understanding!

A session is available in-person, by phone, WhatsApp and audio Skype, by appointment for a suggested contribution of $80-100 which can be made on or before the scheduled day. To make the payment, please send an email to Mike using the link below and our PayPal page will be forwarded to you. There is a facility for the call to be recorded for your listening after the consultation, please let me know beforehand if you will like it recorded.

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