Who are you, without your Story?

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. Winston Churchill

The truth is that no problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it.

I really don’t care who you think you are or what you think is your story that is given you pain and suffering.

I am here to shed some light, wisdom, and understanding on the way out of here. I mean the way of out of your misery story.

Foremost you need to understand that we are not our story; thoughts, emotions, physicality or materiality.

Again hear it, your thoughts and beliefs are not who you really are. You aren’t your brain or ideas.

How is that true?

Thoughts, beliefs, human minds, and emotions are a concept and hold no truth. What you believe and your thoughts are not your true identity. This is the reason why holding on to your thoughts and beliefs are creating a life of no true peace, joy, and harmony as you are experiencing right now.

Our consciousness is what we experience, which means what we believe our world and universe are, it is itself that comes as our individual life experiences.

The only thing you need is to rise in consciousness. As you rise in consciousness you leave behind the three-dimensional worlds and its world of opposites to dwell in God or Good Consciousness.

You are conscious of reading this write up, don’t you? And you are conscious of the place you are right now and of all things around you?

Have you ever asked yourself, who or what is conscious of all these things?
Do you think you are conscious by yourself, of your own volition?
Do you think, you with a name on it has the power of consciousness?

If you think so, you are wrong my friend.
If a human can just be conscious by themselves, why is it that the dead lost consciousness? And despite all our best efforts to bring our loved ones back to life, they just stay dead. Which means they are ‘without consciousness’.

What then is consciousness?

Consciousness is the very presence of Life, the aliveness that is the life we are.

If without consciousness the dead ones are not alive, it means consciousness is life itself.
Do you think you can see without consciousness? Go to hospitals and check on the blind ones, who despite their eyes are opened, still, they cannot see. Why? Because the consciousness that sees is not there. The same applies to hearing, walking and the whole of the body. If the consciousness is not present, the organs or the body is not functional.

This means that consciousness is life, is existence. Consciousness is who you are and who I am.
It is the consciousness that sees when you say ‘I see’, it is the consciousness that feels, hears, breathe, smell and does all activities.
Out of unawareness, you think or believe it is you (with a name on it) physical, material being or your brain that does all these things, but you are wrong. You are unwittingly unaware.

Now as you come home to this new realization of truth, you are free my friend. The weight of ignorance and material beliefs you have been carrying all along comes off you.
Your spirit is liberated, your consciousness is free. You are free of that which has been troubling you.

This is because we only need to know Truth and that Itself is our freedom.

seek the Truth and the Truth will set you free, Holy Bible John 8:32

As you open yourself to this truth of consciousness being the truth of you and your conditions, you feel free and experience true freedom immediately.
This is the only truth you need.

You don’t need to fight this condition you are in, and you definitely do not need to do anything for or against the appearing condition or situation in your life anymore.

The solution to that which you called ‘problems’ is to really know this Truth as stated here. And rest your awareness on it.
Rest, relax in the understanding that ‘I, God, Presence am Consciousness’.

Your consciousness is the truth, your truth.

You don’t need to believe in anything, actually been emptiness of all beliefs is the best. You just need to be aware that your own consciousness is the truth of your being. Ignore the negative thoughts and emotions of beliefs as they arise and be attentive as much as you can to the aliveness of life within you.

Sit down in silent reverence and be attentive to the within of you. It does not matter if at this time your mind is unstable, in agony or in pain. Repeat silently “I am Consciousness, Consciousness occupies my entire body, I am Consciousness alone.”

Have a slow deep breath for a couple of times and just rest.
Simply rest, knowing that the consciousness within you which is your very own being and presence knows.
Consciousness knows your needs and if you let it, it will deliver true fulfillment, joy and eternal love to you this day.

Rest my friend, know that I am with you, nothing to fear. All is well.

It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth, in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear! Anthony de Mello