I, Consciousness is your truth

What is it that money cannot buy?  

You have all the money but you still feel miserable, unfulfilled, lacking and still wanting, why is that?  

What is the one thing that is eternal, forever you and yours?   

What is that thing which is truly worth seeking?  

What is that one thing that is indestructible, that even death is powerless on the face of it?  

What is that for which your heart truly yearns?  

It is true Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love, Freedom, Harmony, Wealth and Life.  

What your heart truly yearns for is not more and more of material acquisition or egotism  

It is not imbibing more of belief, concepts or universal mesmerism  

Your heart, soul, and spirit is thirsty and hunger for truth alone  

Your physical body wants to know its truth of existence  

Your emotion seeks only the truth of its senses  

Your soul only wants the truth of Spirit  

You have tried the education and knowledge of the world  

You have followed the universal belief and concept  

You yielded to the call of personal ego and you were driven by belief in personal self  

You see where all these have led you, seeking true liberation and freedom  

You have been led away from the light of your being  

You found yourself now at the bottom of the pit  

You are unsure of what lies ahead and without light and guidance  

You felt lonely, unworthy and unloved; rejected and in pain  

But all the while, I (Spirit) your true light awaits  

I (Spirit) am your light, guide and the path to Light  

I am your Consciousness, your own guardian angel  

For long I sought your attention and home coming  

I sent prophets, teachers, and guide to lead you home  

Most importantly, I presented you with life experiences  

These experiences (good or bad) in your sight are from Me  

They are not good or bad as beliefs will want you to believe  

These occurrences of life are your own consciousness presenting themselves to you  

Your own light to guide you back home, back to Me, Spirit, Love  

The one and only true home in Peace, Love, Harmony,  
    Freedom, Truth, Spirit, Consciousness, Life, and Joy  

Your only need is to open up to Me (your own consciousness)  

Know that I (your own consciousness) is the presence of you  

It is I you have always sought all these years throughout life times  

It is I that you need when you say you want more money  

Truly it is I that is missing when you say you want truthful relationship  

Or when you say you need freedom, justice, good health and good life  

Know that because only I exist, forever present as the very presence of you  

I (your consciousness) is the light and joy of life  

I am the true love and companionship you truly deserved  

I am the purpose of life you ever wanted  

I am the true fulfillment of life  

I am the wholeness and completeness of you  

I am your entire universe of experience in perfect order and harmony  

I am the only truth of all that is in and of  your world  

But you say my consciousness is unworthy, and in chaos  

You said my consciousness thinks evil and bad thoughts  

You said my consciousness is unsettled, inharmonious and of no substance  

Now I tell you, you are very wrong and unaware  

Your true consciousness is not your thoughts, beliefs or emotions  

Your true consciousness is not personal or can be personalized  

Your true consciousness is the true state of being  

Your true consciousness is the One Pure Consciousness  

You already are and have this One Pure Awareness  

You don’t need to do anything for this true consciousness  

To be the being and the very presence of the individual you  

You only need to relax in this truth and let  

Let I (your true consciousness) be your presence