Healing Poems

These poems were received by MSA in Silence while sitting in the Presence of God as a nothingness of being.

They contain God’s Presence Light and are the words of Light that brings Joy and Bliss to listening hearts.

Feel free to read them aloud or share them with friends at every occasions where the Light of God is needed to heal and fulfils.

Be open and let Eternal Love Presence be.


  • The Way is one, direct and unambiguous

  • The Path is the Light, which leads direct to I

  • The discipline is the ritual, to be free of matter

  • To be rid of personal self, is arriving at Home, Still Home

  • The ultimate is to behold Spirit Light as Light Presence

  • When consciousness is One, Oneness is experience

  • Then we join the Christine to say

  • I am the Light of the world

  • I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

  • Nothing goes to the Father except through Me

  • For I and the Father are One, Oneness Itself

All Is I

  • - Do we need to seek when all is I
  • For we are the Infinity of being Itself
  • The camouflage and the veil removed
  • Revealing the ever present Light of the Son
  • This is the primordial Light before the sun
  • The Glory of the Father ever present in awareness
  • As the One Awareness, One consciousness
  • Do we need to seek when all is God
  • For the only thing that ever presents itself to us
  • Is the one presence, this Presence Moment
  • Know that the five senses report only lies
  • For how can there be absence in omnipresence
  • How can there be finiteness in the Infinite
  • How can there be death in Eternal Presence
  • How can there be illness in Eternal Life Father Love
  • Rest now, rest awareness in the One Awareness
  • You are Home, Still Home the Glory of the Father