God Is All

Ordinarily when we observe something, thoughts, beliefs and human awareness only see a physical object having a shape, weight and form which are all material and finite in nature. Then the human mind interprets that in front of it and called it so, so and so.

The human belief will say: I see a book, a table, a chair or I see space, persons, light, sun, etc. The human mind will say in words: 'a book is here', 'a table is here', 'a chair is here' or he/she may choose to describe and says: 'the sun is hot', 'the water is cold' or 'this space is vast'.

You will notice 'is' is common to all the above sentences and statements. That is' is not what belief thinks it is (you notice the is again), because the one Universal Truth is: Only God Is, only Spirit Is. The Is is God alone because only God Is.

"I am the Lord and beside Me (God, Spirit), there is none else……" Isaiah 45:5

In the Muslims Holy Book, the one main statement of Truth is "There is nothing but God" (Allah, I, Consciousness, Truth, Spirit, Infinity).

If you just think deeply about those two statements of truth from seemingly different source, you will realize that both are the whole truth of God. The statements mean truly; the ONLY presence is God.
Which means we have
been misidentifying what we are, see, observe and witnessing all these while, as Paul said in the Bible 'we see but we see darkly'. We put on sunglasses and we entered a room complaining it is dark inside.

What we called our experiences, world, and universe is nothing but the very presence of God, Spirit, Consciousness, Oneness, Infinity, and Omnipresence.

Only God Is. Only the one Infinite Omnipresence Being exist. You may call it Consciousness, Spirit, Awareness, Infinity. Or you may refer to It as God, Allah, I or Oneness. The truth is that no one can know the One Being Oneness because Itself is One and there is none else beside the One. Only Oneness exist as Itself, aware of Itself alone and being the fullness of Itself as the entire Universe and Infinity.

Because only God Is, only God can. Only God can now and aware of Itself. Only God can be the name and identity of Itself. Only God Itself is the presence, the awareness and understanding.
'His Understanding is Infinite' Psalm 147:5

Apart from His wisdom and Knowing, there is nothing else. God is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent.

It is time we rise to the truth of our self and this place we called earth. What our mind, activities, world and universe is isn't something different and apart as it all seems when we look at it in beliefs and in state of unawareness. We need to wake up from the beliefs in matter as being what we are observing and dealing with to the truth that it is actually and in reality God Itself that is the all of our entire universe.

God Is, and nothing else is in the whole of infinity. God is Infinite being the Infinitude. Right here and now, despite appearances which seems convincing when believed, our earth is not physical, matter, structural or finite. No finiteness, physicality, objectivity or materiality exist. Only God is and It or She or He is the entirety of our existence.

And God Itself must be the awareness of Itself for all the good that is God to be witnessed in our experience.

Next time when you are witnessing or observing something, pause right before the five physical senses is consumed in the physicality or materiality of it. Turn briefly within, be aware of the silence or the aliveness of you and says silently 'only God Is, only God can'.