Free Awakening Courses

We were all asleep all this while to the truth of our being and the world. We labor every day for crumbles of bread while the truth of us is the entire kingdom of God. We only need to awake. Awake from the sleep of recognizing objectivity and physicality as real or that they have any power. And as soon as the light of truth is dawning on us, we begin to witness our daily lives being harmonious, peaceful, abundant and fulfilled.

Awakening 101

We were told to seek truth to achieve real freedom. Freedom from lack, wants,pain, sufferings and lack of true fulfillments.

This is the basic course designed to introduce beginner’s students to the practice of the presence of God towards witnessing the practicality of God in personal and individual experiences.

The requirements for the courses are:

• The time during the day and night for devotion and study • Burning desires to know the truth of self and universe • Openness to new knowledge • Patience • Sacred and holy intentions to seek God for God alone, not for any worldly gain or pleasures.

The course will be delivered by online correspondence. A minimum of three months is needed for Divine Light understanding to dawn in your consciousness. Please note, the completion time may vary depending on each individual openness to Truth. A minimum of an hour every day is required for study, meditation and practical aspects of the course.

Course Contents:

What is God? And What am I?

What are the world and universe?

What is the true purpose?

What is self and body?

The Practice of Contemplation and Meditation

Understanding what is mind

The Practice of the Presence of God-Practical Ways.

Private Questions and Answers Sessions with MSA


Knowledgeable and confident on Meditation Practice

A worry-free existence as you know who and what you and the universe is

Practical transformation of your whole being from being a physical entity to knowing self as Spirit Presence

Spiritual freedom from all worldly fears as you know the truth of them

Eternal Light Presence started filling your consciousness to reveal true peace, joy, happiness, love, freedom and true purpose of life

The Wisdom of the enlightened one will be streaming down to true Hearts

Awareness is opening as a new being living as the very presence of God here on earth.

Awakening is the Key

Nothing outside our self can deliver us or give us true fulfillment we all seek because the entire kingdom of God is within me and within you. The whole of the Kingdom of God as the very being I am and the whole of the Kingdom of God as the being you are and all are. The question is why is humanity still in one form of lack or the other after more than two thousand years ago since Jesus Christ walked this same earth with truth message of the Kingdom of God has been the entirety of the universe?

Our consciousness is still predominantly material, physical and objective and the promised heaven here on earth failed to materialize in the large majority of the humanity.

The answer is we are yet to awaken to the fundamental principle of the universe, although we depend heavily on other principles on earth like the principle of gravity and aerodynamics. We forget or better stated, unaware of the God Principle, Oneness Principle.

The Awakening 101 Course objective is to provide truth and guide you need to realize your true identity and what/where the Kingdom of God is. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is with you, where is the within of you?

Your real health, abundance, love, harmony, and peace exist right there where you are, but you are unaware of that. This course will lead you to your heaven right here on earth.

The Course is free to register. The only cost is your seriousness, dedication, and commitment to the course.

Please register for this Course using the Contact Us Form and put the subject as Awakening Course.

I look forward to teaching and guiding you to the Light of God in you that need to be awakened.

Please feel free to ask any question you may have about this course or the path to the truth of being.

Thank you and blessings of God to you and loved ones.

This is a FREE course for all who are interested to know the mystery of the universe and the ultimate path to eternal freedom and true fulfillment.