God Eternal Light Presence Emergency Number

The Word of God is God Itself. If you or your loved ones are in any pain, difficulties, lack, suffering or any problems whatsoever call on Omnipresence this way.

What appears as problems or suffering are unreal, a nothingness, a mirage, illusion only. It seems real in experience but my friend it is, in reality, a non-entity.

God alone is and fully fill the entirety of existence.

Darkness was never an entity but only the absence of light. As soon as the presence of Light arrives, darkness (problems) varnishes. Remember your experience at home when you thought there was a dark figure in your bedroom because the room was in darkness. What happens when you switch on the light, all darkness vanishes, isn’t it?

This is Eternal Light Emergency Number.

No belief is needed, the more you are devoid of any belief the better. You only need to be open, rest and relax within your own consciousness.

Now follow the numbers 1 to 6 steps below and you will have your healing.

You have your release and freedom from all that was previously being a problem.

If your mind is agitated or trouble again, just repeat the same process until your consciousness is open and at peace.

The Peace or release you felt happening within is your tangible experience of wholeness and harmony. It is visibility of good you need right now.

The Presence of God has now taken over and nothing else can co-exist with God because nothing else exists in the whole of the universe. God is forever omnipresent but our unawareness seems to cloud Him from our experience.
Now watch as peace, harmony, and freedom are immediately made available to your experience.

This is MSA free gift to you and your loved ones. Wherever and whenever disharmony exists, call on Eternal Presence this way and Peace will be restored immediately.

If you need further spiritual assistance or will like to share your experience of freedom, please use the Contact Us form.

The Light of God forever abide with you and your loved ones.

Divine Light Number to Call

  1. Say ‘the only presence is God’, ten times

2. Now be aware of your normal breathing and just breath normally for couple of times

Divine Light Number to Call

  1. Then repeat ‘the only presence is God’, ten times

  1. Then rest and relax and gently be aware of the presence of God as closer to you now than your breathing.

Divine Light Number to Call

  1. Thoughts will arise, don’t fight them but pay NO attention to them, ignore them. Just continue to be aware of God Presence only.

  1. Finally, sit relax with Peace Presence for ten minutes.